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Table 1 Details of input data for baseline scenario in IWM model

From: Simulation of sustainable solid waste management system in Khulna city

Particulars in input screens Input data
Total quantity of managed MSW, t Recycled MSW 37.2
Composted MSW 18
Landfilled MSW 356
Composition of MSW, % Paper 9.5
Glass 0.5
Ferrous metal 1.0
Aluminum 0.1
PET 0.3
HDPE 0.3
PP 0.3
PS 0.3
PVC 1.5
Food waste 70
Yard waste 8.9
Other waste 6.8
Distance driven by collection truck, km Garbage truck 2162.3
Recycling truck 239.5
Yard waste truck 234.3
Diesel fuel efficiency, km L−1 Collection truck 2.25
Transportation truck 2.5
Electric grid selection, % Coal 0
Natural gas 0
Diesel and light fuel oil 75
Heavy fuel oil 25
Hydro 0
Nuclear 0
Management procedure of residue Landfilling
Composting process In vessel
Gas recovery system Not available
Energy recovery Not available
Annul precipitation, mm 2000
Landfill lining facility Not available
Leachate collection system Not available