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Table 1 Composition of Neem extracts from seeds, leaves, flowers

From: The bio-mechanical properties of coco wood applied with Neem extracts: a potential preservative for sustainable building in Marinduque, Philippines

ComponentPart of Neem treePotential applicationSource
LimonoidsNot specific to any part of the treeBiopesticides[21]
AzadirachitinSeedsAbility to repel pests such as locusts[22]
ProlineLeafAbility for skin ailment cure[23]
Lipids, proteins, parietal constituentsSeedsBiofuel, and soaps[24]
Terpenoids, pentcosane, octadecanol, tetracosane, β-germacrene, β- caryophyllene, verdiflorolFlowers, leavesAntioxidant, antibacterial, larvicidal deterrent[25]