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Table 2 Data assessment and evaluation of coco wood property

From: The bio-mechanical properties of coco wood applied with Neem extracts: a potential preservative for sustainable building in Marinduque, Philippines

Test NumberCoco lumber propertyInstrument used,Data evaluation,
Data assessmentwt%
(1)Termite repellencyweighing scale and caliper% = 100 (Wo – Wn)/Wo
(2)Water absorbencywater, weighing scale, caliper% = 100 (Wn – Wo)/Wo
(3)Tangential swellingweighing scale, caliper% = 100 (Vn – Vo)/Vo
  1. Where;
  2. Wo = initial weight of wood sample
  3. Wn = the weight of wood sample after “n” time
  4. Vo = initial volume of the wood sample
  5. Vn = the volume of the wood sample after “n” time