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Table 2 A statistical summary of measured parameters of lake and MWW samples

From: Aqueous chemistry of anthropogenically contaminated Bengaluru lakes

ParameterMixed wastewater samplesLake samplesAverage values (mg L− 1) of Bengaluru city groundwater samples [36]Average values (mg L− 1) of IISc groundwater samples [37]
HCO3 (mg L− 1)10930555180109344341165
Cl (mg L− 1)95100102366610218150
SO42− (mg L−1)610207403198812
NO3 (mg L− 1)
Ca2+ (mg L−1)46537817259011738
Mg2+ (mg L−1)202024714405315
Na+ (mg L−1)7387952057929739
K+ (mg L−1)171920813166
NH4+ (mg L−1)1629500.00.04
TDS (mg L−1)591683811173359882770234
COD (mg L−1)548399124267
DO (mg L−1)
Chl-a (μg L−1)BDL419
  1. BDL Below detection limit