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Table 2 Plant growth promoting properties of bacterial isolates from mesophilic digestate

From: Improved biofertilizer properties of digestate from codigestion of brewer’s spent grain and palm oil mill effluent by manure supplementation

Isolate codeNitrogen fixationPhosphate solubilizationIAA productionIdentified bacteria
A1++Clostridium sp
A2++Bacillus sp
A3++Staphylococcus sp
A4++Bacillus sp
A5++Lactobacillus sp
A6++Salmonella sp
A7+++Enterobacter sp
A8++Citrobacter sp
B1+++Clostridium sp
B2++Staphylococcus sp
B3+Salmonella sp
B4++Pseudomonas sp
B5++Enterobacter sp
B6++Bacillus sp
C1++Lactobacillus sp
C2++Micrococcus sp
C3++Bacillus sp
C4++Enterobacter sp
C5+++Clostridium sp
C6+++Bacillus sp
C7Salmonella sp
D1+++Bacillus sp
D2++Staphylococcus sp
D3+++Enterobacter sp
D4++Staphylococcus sp
D5++Salmonella sp
  1. Key: (+) indicates production activity, (−) indicates non-production activity, A, B, C, D represents reactors and source of isolates