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Table 4 Nutrient and light metal concentration of feedstock (t0) and digestate (tf)

From: Improved biofertilizer properties of digestate from codigestion of brewer’s spent grain and palm oil mill effluent by manure supplementation

ConcentrationInitial concentration (t0)Final concentration (tf)
Total N (g kg− 1)5.00b3.67b4.67b2.50b5.10c3.80b4.80d2.70a
Ammonium N (g kg− 1)3.5b2.0a2.8c1.1a3.9b2.8c3.2d1.98a
Phosphorus (mg kg− 1)1066b1086b1129b650a1133c1116c1311d665a
Sulphur (mg kg−1)342b427c468d90a341b450c491d91.3a
Potassium (mg kg−1)1321b1290b1301b400a1322c1315b1334d411.8a
Calcium (mg kg−1)571d545b561c433a578c570b580d430.2a
Magnesium (mg kg−1)625b621b623b2161a625c621b626c223.5a
  1. Similar superscript letter means not significantly different in mean (p > 0.05), while different superscript letters mean significantly different (p < 0.05); Total N – total nitrogen; A–D (Reactors)