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Table 1 Comparison of output for different electrode setup

From: Performance of cobalt oxide/carbon cloth composite electrode in energy generation from dairy wastewater using microbial fuel cells

S. No. Type of MFC Type of influent Current density (mA cm− 2) Electrodes used Ref.
1. Double chamber MFC Pure culture of Geobacter sulfurreducens 0.00025 Graphene oxide modified cathode [14]
2. Single chamber MFC Waste from water treatment plant 0.0006 Metal doped carbonaceous anodes [25]
3. Double chamber MFC E. coli culture 0.00061 Porous graphite [26]
4. Single chamber MFC Landfill leachate 0.14 (open circuti condition) Stainless steel plates [15]
5. Double chamber MFC Dairy wastewater 0.00064 Cobalt oxide coated carbon cloth Present work