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Table 3 Langmuir and Freundlich constant value results from linear fitting and free energy values for CCF and DCCF

From: Influence of phosphorus and nitrogen co-doping of activated carbon from littered cigarette filters for adsorption of methylene blue dye from wastewater

Isotherm Parameter CCF DCCF
Langmuir Qmax (mg g−1) 213 303
KL (L mg−1) 0.08 0.38
R2 0.911 0.986
Freundlich KF (mg g−1(L mg− 1)1 n− 1) 54 121
n 3.85 4.55
R2 0.874 0.828
Gibb’s free energy ΔGo (kJ mol−1) −5.8 −11.1