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Table 4 Comparison of maximum adsorption capacity of MB of CCF and DCCF to other adsorbent materials (at 298 K)

From: Influence of phosphorus and nitrogen co-doping of activated carbon from littered cigarette filters for adsorption of methylene blue dye from wastewater

Adsorbent precursor Maximum capacity (mg g− 1) Reference
Carbonized cigarette filter (CCF) 212.8 This work
P and N co-doped cigarette filter (DCCF) 303.0 This work
Banana peel 227.2 [28]
Commercial activated carbon 199.6 [29]
Coffee grounds 181.8 [30]
Coconut leaves 66.0 [31]
Sludge 46.7 [32]
Rice husk 33.9 [33]
Seed pod 14.8 [34]