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Table 1 International efforts on increasing the recycled contents in plastic products

From: Management strategy of plastic wastes in Taiwan

Country Type Target Action Plan Ref.
United Nations Compostable Plastics (contents) 2025: 75% Targets Set by Producers
Stimulations of Demands on Recycled Plastics
[2, 3]
United Kingdom Plastic Packaging (recycled contents) 2025: 30% Priority Items
Recycled Content Labeling
Supply Chain Partnership
The Netherlands Single-Use Plastic Products /Packaging (recycled contents) 2025: 35% Recycled Content Requirements
Accreditations and Certifications
Promotion of Recycling Technologies.
Japan Bio-Based Plastics (contents) 2025: 0.70 MT
2030: 1.97 MT
Technological Innovations
Green Procurements
Recycle Supplements
Accreditation Mechanisms
Taiwan Single-Use Plastic Packaging (recycled contents) 2025: 25% Guidelines via Regulations
Innovative business Models
Green Procurements/consumption
Environmental Education
  1. Note: MT million t