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Table 4 Action plans pertinent to the recycling and reuse of plastics in Taiwan [14, 32]

From: Management strategy of plastic wastes in Taiwan

Green Design Source Reduction Recycling Enhancement Circulation and Regeneration
Establishment of Comprehensive Databases Guidelines Established by Regulations Assessments of Feasibility and Proclamation of Regulations Establishment of Certification, Information Distribution, Tracking, and Inspection Systems
Priority Items
• Products to be phased out and new alternative products.
• Products that are easy to be recycled.
• Products that are easy to take apart.
• Lightweight products and packaging materials.
• Packaging materials with simple constituents.
Innovative Business Models
• Cutlery Rental Services.
• Eco-Friendly Night Markets.
• Packaging Reductions in Food Delivery Services.
• Packaging Reductions in Online Shopping.
Recycling Conveniences and Economic Incentives Innovative Technologies and Value-Added Products from Recycled Plastics
• To bring in new production technologies that increase the values of products made from recycled plastics.
• To develop the innovative recycling technologies.
• To provide economic incentives.
• To encourage the investments.
• To create the market demands for post-consumer recycled plastics.
• To increase the recycled contents by voluntariness or regulation enforcements.
• To enhance communications and campaigns of publicity.
  Establishing the Driving Forces
• Green Procurements and Consumptions.
• Environmental Education.
In-House Recycling by Industries  
  Enhancements in Recycling Infrastructure and Sorting Technologies