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Table 1 Literature reviews of developing sustainable indicators of brownfields redevelopment

From: Developing decision model and sustainable mapping to screen the efficiency of brownfield redevelopment based on socioeconomic open data

Aspects UNSDGs Dimensions References
Social SDG1
No poverty
• Provide adequate local service. [15, 36, 37]
Zero huger
• Provide enough land from food production to ecosystem services. [38]
Quality education
• Facilitate education. [15, 19, 36]
Economic SDG8
Decent work and economic growth
• Provide employment opportunities.
˙Promote local and regional economic.
• Improve site marketing.
[15, 19, 36]
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
• Reduce infrastructure time cost. [36,37,38]
Sustainable cities and communities
• Promote local affluence and community prosperity. [15, 19, 36,37,38]
Environmental SDG3
Good health and well-being
• Promote health of worker and residence.
˙Reduce and management of contamination risk.
[15, 36,37,38]
Clean water and sanitation
• Promote land, water, soil, and air quality. [15, 19, 36,37,38]
Affordable and clean energy
• Minimise and management the use of resources. [15, 36, 37]
Ecosystem SDG14
Life below water
• Protect biodiversity and natural environment. [36,37,38]
Life below land
• Protect biodiversity and natural environment [36,37,38]
  1. Note:
  2. * SDG9 indicates the affordable, safe, environmentally friendly, resilient and sustainable transportation in Taiwan, in which meaning is different with an asterisk of UNSGD
  3. ** SDG6 indicates the environmental quality and sustainable management of environmental resources in Taiwan, in which meaning is different with an asterisk of UNSGD